Heart of Auna


HEART of Auna is About what I love & who I AM!
— Auna

Because CLEARLY I was born to do this! ;)

HI! I am Tiauna Smith, you can call me Auna though. I recently graduated with a BFA in Motion Media at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with an intended graduation June of 2017.  When approaching my work, I love looking for opportunities of energy, fun, and color to bring life into everything I create. I really enjoy the internet, music, sports, and cartoons which all have a strong influence on the subject matter and experimental executions I have in my reel. Though primarily a motion graphics designer, my skillset are inclusive of graphic design, photography, and traditional art. If you like what you see, feel free to reach out. I am currently residing in New York,  but I am open to relocation and exploring other areas of location that are bound to spark a new branch of creativity.

Contact me for work, questions, or just to say hi! info@heartofauna.com 

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Love People, Love Laughing, Love Living! :)