Heart of Auna


montage of work


Full Portfolio is currently being updated.

Here you will find a wide array of work done by me and in some cases in collaboration with others.  Ultimately, when looking at my work I not only want you to see the art but also, the heart of me: who I am, what I love, what I value, and what I stand for. Take a look at my demo reel below, then feel free to explore the rest of my portfolio for more fun.

0:05-0:07 Ame Title Sequence / All

0:08-0:15 Sports Social Graphics/ All

0:16-0:17 Cartoon Network BMO Model/ All

0:17-0:19 Nike Commercial "What is Your Spirit Animal?"/ All

0:19-0:22 ESPN Network Rebrand / All

0:23-0:26 Spotify Interface Design/ All

0:26-0:30 Heaven on Earth by LunchMoney Lewis (Lyric Video)/ All

0:30-0:32 Holla At Me by Tabitha/ Rotoscope and Cel Animation

0:32-0:33 Nike Commercial "What is Your Spirit Animal?"/ All

0:33-0:36 P.Diddy Mango Circo Social Media Promotion/ All

0:36:0:38 Gif Creations/ All

0:39-0:42 Bruno Mars Gif Collection/ All

0:42-48 Bet Seasonal Ident/ All

0:48-0:50 Bruno Mars Gif Collection/ All